Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Piano Duet

We had the great privilege of visiting Lindsay's home over the weekend along with several other guests. Needless to say, every available sleeping spot was taken and well, I'll get right to it, a few of these folks seemed to be professional "snorers". Not me, mind you(remember this is my blog and I reserve the right to lie whenever I want) and it wasn't annoying, more comical then anything else, but it did remind me of the one time in my life I did have a bit of an awkward moment with snoring.

It was a cold winter day and I'd gotten out real early to cut firewood since we were almost out and at the time that was our sole source of heating. During the process of chainsawing trees, I got a nasty wood chip up in my eye and ended up at the doctor's office later that morning. He managed to remedy the situation but I'd scratched something in my eye so he sent me home with some pain killer, apparently pretty strong stuff.

I remember Mary saying she had to take the kids somewhere and that I was to let someone in the house but that duty quickly was forgotten as the pain killer kicked in and I fell asleep on the couch. Picture me sitting on the couch with my head flopped over the back of it and then picture me snoring so loudly that I actually woke myself up. Woke myself up to hear a strange noise right behind me, a tink, tink, tink sort of a noise. Slowly I turned around and saw a man, a piano tuner, setting on the piano bench not three feet behind the couch. And it wouldn't have been so embarrassing if the man had smiled or kidded me a little, no, he just kept on gently tapping his finger on that keyboard, trying to find some special sound. Could it be that my previous concerto was throwing off his pitch?

Warning, do not believe any replies made about my snoring that may come about as a result of reading this blog, especially those from family members. They are all untrue!


  1. Lindsay...holy cow. I just about lost it there...HAHAHAHAHA!! I am Bill's fourth daughter. When we came home past curfew we timed our steps to coincide with dad's snores. Worked every time.

  2. 2 more things:
    1. I will explain the "fire hydrant" comment. Dad fell asleep at the kitchen table one time...the middle of the day with his head leaning back against the wall. He awoke suddenly and shouted the words "fire hydrant." We believe he may have been dreaming that he was a dog.

    2. Dad has a tendency to not only snore, but to fall asleep in strange places at strange times. He is notorious for falling asleep following Christmas Gift opening every year. The tradition is to place a Christmas gift bow on top of his head and take a picture.