Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010

We had our first new baby lamb yesterday and she's a cute little critter. Just a single lamb but her mother is just a year old so that's all I expect from her. I need to improve their lambing facility today to protect them from predators. I've seen a local fox prowling around and we know there are coyotes all over the place, not to mention the neighbor's dogs.

A couple of years ago my wife, Mary, heard an animal crying out in distress out in our wheat field. When she went to investigate, she met a fox running out of the field carrying a brand new baby deer. Who would have thought that could have happened? The next couple of days we could see a young mother doe walking around looking for her baby. Nature can be cruel.

New calves are arriving daily, we've planted our oats and now the pace really picks up!

Good grazing, Bill

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