Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Recital

This past Sunday we had the privilege of traveling a long distance to attend the First Communion Celebration of our grandson Chase. That event was followed by a second important function, Chase's first piano concert. We are very proud of Chase and thank his family for their usual hospitality whenever we visit.

I do hope that the fondest memory of the day for Chase was not the unique duo performed by his grandfathers at the piano concert. After setting through a long church ceremony, then watching around 20 or so gifted children perform at the piano concert, both grandfathers simultaneously dozed off. My wife watched in horror as Grandpa Jerry dropped his program and began leaning forward eyes closed tightly while at the same time her husband, me, off in ga-ga land, began to list sideways. Both of our grandsons watched this event with great enjoyment. Anyway, after some elbow jabbing and dirty looks, we were both wide awake for the rest of the concert. There is no truth to the rumor that startled, I stood up and cheered or that the other grandfather actually fell clear out of the church bench.

We've had a good rain in southern Iowa and now some warmer weather so let the grass grow and good grazing to you! Bill


  1. I don't think I watched in horror. It was more in humor and a apprehension :-)

  2. It made me laugh, and I was jealous at how well you can both doze without notice! Truly a talent worth working towards!

  3. What is it about pianos/piano tuners that makes you fall asleep dad??