Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 7, 2010 Blog

This morning I freeze branded 48 head of breeding heifers for Hugh Whitson, brother of Peggy Whitson, the famous astronaut. If you don't know who Peggy is, you should google her name and find out why Southern Iowans are so proud of her. Seems kind of strange to have two cattle producers branding calves and discussing the space program at the same time.

Tomorrow I have the sheep shearer headed our way to give the ewes their yearly clip. I'll try to film a segment of it and offer it on this blog or on our website. Always fun to watch the shearing process. The ewes are suppose to start lambing in two weeks and I'm looking forward to that.

The other big news it that my printed books are suppose to arrive by UPS this afternoon and I'm looking forward to actually seeing the finished product and begin marketing them.

Good grazing to you, Bill


  1. I read your book when it was a manuscript. So looking forward to it all bound. . . and autographed! Cousin Joy

  2. Now the proud owner of two bottle calves,
    Seth Jr. "Junior" and Bugsby. Both of them out of feedlot heifers. The newest one came out of SFI's feedlot. Rainy today in NW Iowa, but looking forward to some warm days this week!
    Question: How long should a bottle calf stay on milk replacer?