Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can't Catch Up!

The fall born calves have grazed their paddock down to nubbins and I need to move them to new grass. Our lawn is getting kinda tall, hmm, I wonder. And the new lambs are breaking out of the barn and just looking for trouble. How come they're so good at getting out and so mystified as to how to get back in? Need to finish one half an acre of corn planting to be done before the big rain comes tonight. On top of that, the wagons we emptied and left parked on the nearby ridge last night apparently thought it was a good day to go for a trip. Because of high wind gusts, one of the wagons is straddle of the road ditch fence and the other is tipped over on it's side in the ditch.

And, basically, I would classify this as a good day.

Grass is growing, good grazing to you. Bill

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