Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22, 2010

New life is coming to this farm every day. The ewes are half done lambing. About one third of the cows have calved.

I spotted two fox hungrily looking into the lambing pen the other day. Yes, they will try to sneak in there and snatch a baby lamb or two for lunch. I chased them off and was pretty sure they were denned up down in a junk pile south of one of our ponds. I went back to the house, grabbed my shotgun and fox call and got upwind from the junk pile, hidden behind some old machinery. After a couple of toots on the call, a fox appeared and darn if the thing didn't start running right at me. I prepared for the shot! However, I'd forgotten about the 22 yearling beef heifers out in the pasture behind me who had been observing the drama unfolding. Acting like a bunch of teenagers, they decided to get in on the fun and came stampeding up behind me. Scared the dickens out of me just as I stood up to take a shot. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I killed a fence post, two dandelions and a dried up cow pie. The fox, unscathed by the incident and scared to death ran like the wind for parts unknown. Well, maybe they'll leave my sheep alone.

Good grazing to you, Bill

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  1. Laughing out loud at that one -- I LOVE your blogs dad -- very interesting/entertaining!