Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chicken and Noodles and Fresh Apple Pie

We eat a lot of good meals around here but some are just plain "special". Because I'm my mother in law's favorite son-in-law(hey, it's my blog, I can say anything I want)she sent some long, golden home-made noodles back with Mary last time she visited. My wife put those together with some of our home raised chicken which are plump, tender and just plain delicious. Not to be confused with the chicken you buy at the store that looks like they filled it up with water to add weight then drove over it with a truck to smash it down for packaging. The meal Mary made reminded me of those big meals we had as kids when all the neighbors came over to help shell corn. I can still see those fresh apple pies lined up on the table in the back room, waiting to cool for a desert for all the sweat soaked farmers in bib-overalls, taking a break from the strenuous task of scooping ear corn. Unfortunately, there was no apple pie and ice cream for desert with this particular meal because "you know who" thinks someone around here has a weight problem. It's true I do, I just can't "wait" for chicken and noodles and fresh apple pie.

I feel like complaining about the rain, it's really delaying the completion of planting but it does make the grass grow and I remember years when it didn't rain. Be careful what you ask for!

Good grazing to you, Bill

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