Thursday, May 6, 2010

They're Off!

Each year, my wife Mary, takes her 6th grade class on an overnight field trip to the nature study center at Springbrook Park. This morning, the group along with additional parents as chaperons traveled by bus to the park near Guthrie Center. There the kids get a real "hands-on" education about such things as nature identification, fishing(you'd be surprised at the number of kids who've never even been fishing) and boating, soil erosion, tracking animals, using GPS systems for locating points of interest and they also learn other skills too numerous to mention. The kids are challenged from the time they get there till the time they leave and will arrive back in Lenox exhausted late tomorrow. I think it may be one of the high-lights of their sixth grade year and leave them with memories forever. Mary even went out in our yard a couple of nights ago and gathered a fresh supply of night crawlers so that the kids would be sure to have good bait. Ever have a teacher do that for you?


  1. She's awesome! No, I never had a teacher pick up nightcrawlers. I never had a teacher, in fact, that was even half as dedicated or as awesome (loving?) as Mary - she really seems to love "her kids" AND teaching. WIN/WIN!

    I will say my kids (well, two of them) had a teacher that was totally dedicated/awesome - and many of your readers will know him...Chris Adkins!

  2. Mrs. Beaman is an AMAZING teacher!!!...she is constantly going above and beyond! I give her an A++ ...ok, I know that was cheesy...but sincere.