Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Lot Going On

It's a busy spring day here at Grazier Farm. The ewes with their new lambs have been turned out to graze grass inside their new electronet. This is a portable fence that is easily set up and which has electrified fibers running all around it that keep the sheep in and predators out. The end result is sheep out and eating grass instead of cooped up in the barn eating hay and we all are happier.

Jeff will load out corn after he get's home from work tonight. It will be some of the last organic grain we produce on this farm.

I had an appointment this morning to have an MRI for a nasty back problem that's been bothering me the past month. The neat thing is the whole process is done in the back of a semi-truck that comes out to Corning from Omaha. It was a painless but noisy procedure. You are slid into something that looks kind of like a metal coffin and have to lay there for around a half an hour and listen to bizarre noises. Contrary to claims by one of my daughters, it was a very high tech system and no, I did not have to walk up a cattle loading chute to get into it and no, nobody prodded me along with a livestock buzzer!

The grass is growing hard, the livestock are getting fat. Good grazing to you, Bill

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