Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A big bag of seed arrived today that we will plant in our "quail habitat demonstration plot". We hope to plant a small portion of our pasture to a unique set of plants which can be grazed by our sheep and cattle and promote quail habitat at the same time. The bag lists 26 different plants in the mixture including June Grass, Black-eyed Susan, Tall Bellflower, Partridge Pea, Illinois Bundleflower, Sneezeweed and several others I've never heard of. I just wonder what the heck Sneezeweed is and where are people growing something like this commercially to be sold as seed.

I've missed a few blogs and I said I wouldn't do that. I've got a nasty back injury and have been in a poor mood lately. Hopefully I'll whip this thing and get back with the program. The farm continues on with the help of Mary and Jeff.

Good grazing to you, Bill

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